How to integrate users -guidebook by AAL




Dr. Christoph Nedopil, YOUSE GmbH, Munich, Cornelia Schauber, YOUSE GmbH, Munich, Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Glende, YOUSE GmbH, Berlin,


Karina Marcus, AAL Association, Brussels Geja Langer, ZonMW, The Hague Theresa Chavarria, ISCII, Madrid
Jackie Marshall-Balloch, TSB, Swindon


Ambient Assisted Living Association 3, Rue de Luxembourg
1000 Brussels

Date: 17/12/2013

About Ambient Assisted Living Association:

The Ambient Assisted Living Association is organizing the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL JP). The AAL JP aims at enhancing the quality of life of older people and strengthening the industrial base in Europe through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Therefore, the AAL JP is an activity that operates in the field of services and actions to enable active ageing among the population.

The programme is financed by the European Commission and the 22 countries that constitute the Partner States of this Joint Programme.