The European Cloud Marketplace for Intelligent Mobility (ECIM) is a Smart Mobility project, backed by the European Commission, set to change the way we access and use transport services for the better. Formed in early 2014, the project brings together experts in Service Development, Transport Operators and Cloud Professionals. ECIM has developed a flexible cloud platform where public and private mobility services such as parking locations and payments can be integrated and accessed through a single, front-end app.

In a nutshell, ECIM replaces the 50 transport apps cluttering up your phone, or a future in-car device, with a single interface. ECIM is a journey planner with a difference, where you not only decide how to get from A to B, but also manage the different transport combinations – taxi, bus, train, bicycle hire - and you can book and pay for them too, all using your favourite services, all without changing screens. ECIM launched and tested first app Beta version in Brussels, Belgium in September 2014.

ecim testing

ECIM brainstorming session in Brussels

The app not only shows locations of the parking spots available from different merchants, but also allows the driver to park, pay and walk away all at the push of a button. Using the ECIM Platform's APIs, the app allows a seamless user experience that features once-only log-in and payment for several different services. The ECIM app beta is already live in Brussels, Belgium and Issy-les-Moulineaux, France, and will soon be launched in 2 more locations; Barcelona, Spain; and Birmingham, UK. ECIM will then further expand the app’s range of mobility services to include on-street parking availability, real-time bus locations (park your car and hop on a bus) and more.

The ECIM app can be easily modified and installed in any in-car device running Android OS or iOS to improve the user experience and ensure hands-free safety. ECIM is also currently finalizing a dedicated Android OS release that will be ready before the event.

Discover more on the project website and contact should you be an ENoLL member interested in this initiative.