My Neighbourhood

MyNeighbourhood aims  at creating a new and ‘smarter’ conception of the ‘Smart   City’   that focuses on people and their well-being rather than just ICT infrastructures and dashboards alone. In so doing, MyNeighbourhood uses new technologies and user data to help recreate a lost sense of neighbourhood that is rooted in local place, common ties and personal interaction.

With this perspective in mind, the main project solution of MyNeighbourhood is the use of ‘smart’ ICT tools and citizen/neighbourhood data to help re-create the social mechanisms which, in the past, ensured that neighbourhoods coincided with a social system of connected and trusted communities where the quality of life was very high and people felt safe and happy with a sense of belonging. In our vision, this neighbourhood re-creation process can be developed by applying a Living Lab approach to disseminate new methods for using ICT to strengthen neighbourhood ties.


MyNeighbourhood coordinator, Prof. Alvaro Oliveira, at OpenLivingLab Days 2013

The MyNeighbourhood solution will combine new digital technologies and techniques, such as social gaming principles (gamification), with the Living Lab methodology to help strengthen existing ties and resolve communal issues in the very real, day-to-day world of the neighbourhood. The solution will be rooted in an open MyNeighbourhood portal that 1) combines the data and functionality of existing City Information Apps (i.e. MyCityWay, Foursquare) with new tools that connect people locally both on- and offline and 2) uses gamification to encourage people to get involved with their own neighbourhoods and engage their family and friends to do the same. MyNeighbourhood pilots in Birmingham, Lisbon, Aarlborg and Milan will use the proposed solution to help recreate the past values of socio-spatial connectedness. The ultimate aim of MyNeighbourhood pilots will be to kick-start a viral effect wherein neighbours and friends (within cities and across Europe) will use the open MyNeighbourhood portal to reconnect with one another, share new ideas, create new ways of interacting and help make their daily lives ‘smarter.’

More information can be found on the project’s website.


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