Fusepool Project

Data is an integral element of the business value chain. However, many barriers impede leveraging the full potential of that data across existing data silos.

Fusepool crosses borders to provide data for better product/ service development and research.

PartnerMatch: How to find the right business partners?FundingFinder: Where to get funding for research?PatentExplorer: What is patented in my research field?ExpertMatch: Where are experts in my field of expertise?UserFeedback: How can I optimize my search results?

Fusepool enriches data using common standards and tools for analyzing and visualizing data to get timely, context-aware and relevant information.High quality data is the basis of sound decision making in product/ service development and research. Fusepool focuses on six core areas:

  • Partners: e.g. Enterprise Europe Network (work in progress)
  • Funding: CORDIS / Horizon 2020 (work in progress)
  • Patents: MAREC (19 million), EPO patents (work in progress)
  • Publications: e.g. PubMed (22 million biomedical citations)
  • Ontologies: e.g. Disease-Ontology (biomedical data on diseases)

To ensure that data and results are of high quality, Fusepool combines the well-defined but error-prone (semantic) Web 3.0 with controlled supervision and the collaborative but often messy (social) Web 2.0.

More information can be found here.