The SPECIFI project aims at demonstrating the positive impacts of a European Creative Ring of Smart Cities and Regions, with real-­life Future Internet (Fiber-­to­‐the­‐Home and wireless) infrastructures, with real-­life users and producers, and in 5 real (certified) Living Labs active in 3 smart cities and their surrounding regions. SPECIFI wants to demonstrate how cities can overcome technological limitations, geographical limitations and lack of sustainable business models. Hereby, they can become Connected Creative Cities through open Future Internet platforms and linking cities’ “Super-­Creative Core” with other cities’ Cores and with the broader region surrounding them.

The SPECIFI pilot combines (1) connected smart areas – locally, regionally and internationally, (2) open Future Internet platforms and infrastructures, (3) innovative arts, media, leisure, and urban discovery services from the Creative Industries. The project organises pilot experiments in three (inter)connected city­‐regions: Kortrijk city – Flanders region (Belgium), Barcelona city – Catalonia region (Spain), and Trento city – Trentino region (Italy).

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Within the SPECIFI project the Creative Ring is proposed and discussed as a new experimental community and platform for sharing creative and innovative contents and activities all over Europe using ICT. The Creative Ring encompasses real-life Future Internet infrastructures with real-life users and producers.

The Creative Ring is embodied through sets of open APIs that enable easy creative development by creative industry SMEs and individuals, the integration and interworking of IoT, NGA and creative content creation and management components, and concrete solutions for application and content adaptation and customization. The European Creative Ring is not merely an infrastructure: it also refers to a European platform of loosely coupled technical components for the Creative Industries and to a market and networking place for stakeholders in the Creative Industries.

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