City SDK

City SDK is a pan-European project that creates a service development kit enabling the creation of applications across partner cities in the domains of Mobility, Tourism and Participation.

CitySDK is creating a toolkit for the development of digital services within cities. The toolkit comprises of open and interoperable digital service interfaces as well as processes, guidelines and usability standards. CitySDK enables a more efficient utilisation of the expertise and know-how of developer communities to be applied in city service development.

Six Work Packages characterize this project: 

  • WP1 Coordination: to provide overall management of the project and the consortium, in order to ensure the successful execution and completion of the CitySDK project.
  • WP2 Technological Framework: to package and consolidate existing practices and assets into a technological framework and a reference architecture that enables the effective transfer of smart city service components between cities, the uptake of the Pilots in Project Partner cities, and the “birth” of the CitySDK.
  • WP3 Smart Participation: to create an open interface that acts as an issue-reporting channel between the citizens and the civil servants. The pilot is based on the Open311 technology, a standardized protocol for location-based collaborative issue tracking.
  • WP4 Smart Mobility: The Smart Mobility work package aims to tackle the mismatch between the many European mobility datasets on the one hand and the app development community on the other.
  • WP5 Smart Tourism: to create a European-wide market for tourism applications based on Open Data made available by public or private entities.
  • WP6 Dissemination and Impact: to identify key stakeholder groups, ensure that the project reaches the widest possible targeted audience and define a “step change” in the way cities and developer communities create new services and products using “open data”.

ENoLL is involved in the project in dissemination activities and awareness raising among the Living Labs community. Coordinator of the project is Forum Virium Helsinki, ENoLL effective member.

CitySDK is partly funded under the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme by the European Community. To collect more info about the project, its news and achievements please visit the official website. You also find CitySDK on Twitter via @CitySDK

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