Design for Europe

Design for Europe is a project to increase the use of design for innovation and growth across Europe, financed by the European Commission.

Design for Europe is delivered over 3 years and aims to accelerate design-driven innovation in order to boost growth and job creation. The project aims to raise awareness of examples that show how design-driven innovation is being used to boost efficiency in public services and drive business growth across Europe.


Design for Europe workshop during OpenLivingLab Days 2014 

The project is delivered in three key ways:

- A web platform that brings together knowledge and examples of design for innovation, from across the EU, in the public and private sector - a resource anyone interested in finding out the latest tools and techniques for applying design and making connections

- A programme of events for business people, public service managers, and policymakers to increase their awareness of design’s role in innovation and growth, and inspire investment

- Sharing the power of design with European industry through a consortium of 14 EU wide partner organisations, from Nesta to the European Network of Living Labs, and The Danish Design Centre to KEPA Business and Cultural Development Centre, Greece

The project welcomes other organizations and networks interested in advancing design-driven innovation in their area getting in touch to discuss how they can contribute to the EDIP. If you are an ENoLL member and you need more details please contact:


Design for Europe workshop at OpenLivingLab Days 2015