Highlights from the ENoLL General Assembly

On Friday 2 February 2018, ENoLL held the first General Assembly of 2018. In accordance with Article 10 of the ENoLL statutes, all Effective members can attend the ENoLL General Assembly of the Association for the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL ivzw) with voting rights. ENoLL Innovation Partners and Adherent members were invited to attend the General Assembly as well (non-voting rights).

According to the statue ENoLL Council with the lead of the Chair, prepares the draft annual ENoLL Work Programme and budget, and presents these to the ENoLL General Assembly for discussion and approval. The ENoLL Council is responsible for the implementation of the Work Programme, in line with the budget.

The General Assembly meeting on 2 February followed the Council meeting (2 February) during which other Brusses-based associations presented their activities and possibilities for collaboration as well as a representation from the European Commission spoke about opportunities for ENoLL members. On 1 February, a Council Workshop was held. The General Assembly was chaired by ENoLL President Tuija Hirvikoski while the points of the agenda were presented by ENoLL Director Zsuzsanna Bodi. 

Highlights publically available points that were presented at the General Assembly: 

- Reviewing ENoLL Learning Lab activities

- Welcoming new Innovation Partners (Atelier and Vandejong) and Effective Member (Library Living Lab)

- Welcoming new Council Member - Fernando Vilariño (Library Living Lab)

- Overviewing status on ENoLL members (picture bellow shows ENoLL members based on different continents)


- Reviewing Publications published in 2017 (made either in collaboration with other organisations or only by ENoLL): Cities As Living Labs study, End-User engagement Toolkit (U4IoT), Living Lab Methodology Handbook (U4IoT), OpenLivingLab Days report booklet, OpenLivingLab Days Learning Lab booklet (not public), 2017 Conference Proceedings and Best Living Lab Project Award. 

- Reviewing opportunities for ENoLL members through EU-funded projects

The General Assembly meeting concluded by looking into opportunities and activities that will take place in 2018.