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Three types of ENoLL Members

Membership Types

The ENoLL organisation has three kinds of memberships: Effective Members, Innovation Partners and Adherent Members. You can read more detailed information on the different ENoLL Membership on this page.

All the Living Labs certified or recognised by ENoLL are listed in our "All Living Labs" section, and their status as ENoLL members indicated. Historically there have been almost 400 recognised Living Labs in the ENoLL network.

Effective Members:

Effective Members are indicated with this logo on our interactive Living Lab map: 

Effective Members hold voting rights and help form the strategic directions of the ENoLL association. If your organisation already is an Adherent Member, but wants to step up in the Living Lab community by becoming an Effective Member as well, you will find the relevant information on this page and a full list of Effective Members here.

Innovation Partners:

These organisations are not Living Labs themselves, but are dedicated to support and development of the Living Lab community. They are companies, universities, cities & departments engaged and supportive of user-driven open innovation. 

  • You can find the full list of Innovation Partners on this page.

Adherent Members

Adherent members are organisations that represent a Living Lab, which were duly selected according to the ENoLL recognition process and meet their obligations as Adherent members.

Effective and Associated members pay an annual membership fee that give them access to all the ENoLL Services. Adherent members pay an annual administrative fee and they can benefit of some of the ENoLL Services.

The Living Labs appearing in this list, but not clasified in any of the 3 member categories described above, are organisations historically recognised by ENoLL but curently not linked to ENoLL as organisation (the names that are not clickable). Among this category there are both active and inactive Living Labs.

Join Us

Want to become a certified Living Lab? ENoLL organises Call for Membership Applications every year, it is called Wave. The Wave process, dating back to 2006, has up to today result in almost 400 recognised ENoLL Living Labs. The 12th wave will be launched in the beginning of 2018

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