Textile & Clothing Living Lab


Dr. Luca Leonardi – lleonardi@consorzioarca.it

Cre.Zi.plus, pad.10-11, Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, via Paolo Gili, 4, Sicily, Italy




TECLA LIVING LAB represents a new step towards the overall strategy to reinforce and support the initiatives of industrial development and exploit the endogenous potential of this region at the centre of Mediterranean basin.

TECLA LIVING LAB will give impulse to its daily practice in the field of co-design, awareness-raising, citizens engagement, testing and experimentation of innovative products and business models with regards of the Textile & Clothings sector.

TECLA LIVING LAB aims to reduce the gap between SMEs and R&D issues. It will thus address the issues of Fashion Technology with a more inclusive and co-design approach that aims to produce a lasting impact on the territory, offering a space where exploring the emerging opportunities of the new “Making Economy” (e.g. personal robotics, home production), redirecting the capacities of “old artisans” and family workers (or “fasonists”) and re-connecting their knowledge with new entrepreneurs, young and creative people.

It takes full advantage of the benefits of Future Internet technologies for the T&C global supply chain (diffused e-commerce networks, IoT tracking systems, virtual warehouses, customer engagement, etc.) in the light of a new customer-driven approach based on market intelligence.

TECLA LIVING LAB will be a physical space where to encourage and make it possible to discuss ideas and projects, meet people and collaborators, with formal and informal cooperation methodologies, contribute to ideas and rediscover hand sewing and embroidery traditions. This Lab will also contribute to enlage the community of artisans and DIY makers. Our Lab is an experiment to reactivate knowledge and tradition of the territory gathering a network of people and artisans able to ignite the process identification in a common culture, first step to ignite a process of transformation.


Expertise of the Living Lab

Sewing, knitting, pattern making, pattern’s digitalization, business modeling, clothing production and logistic, technology transfer, access to EU finance, advice on EU law and standards, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), speak up on EU law, research funding, internationalization, training modules for entrepreneurs.


Thematic area

Textile & Clothing



TECLA LIVING LAB will use a concept framework developed by H2020 TCBL project consortium involving key social players and innovators who interact to generate ethically acceptable and socially and environmentally sustainable innovation products, services and processes and to boost technological applications which fit crucial societal challenges led by a process-oriented approach with iterative planning open to emergent processes.



The Living Lab contains 3d printers, sewing and cutting machines, laser cutting machine, pattern maker softwares (both proprietary and open source sofwares), but can make available to the users both the facilities and the equipment available in the ARCA Fabbrica, a workshop including several labs, such as: the mechatronics workshop, about 250 sqm, with the digital fabrication and rapid prototyping laboratory, the electronics laboratory, the mechanical laboratory; the IT lab, including machinery for processing metal, measuring scientific instruments, equipment for the shared design and production assistance (CAD / CAM / CAE); the graphic and multimedia lab to realize advanced multimedia tools, 3D reconstructions, graphics and technical digital printing, equipped with A0 plotters, scanners, 3D laser capture systems, video cameras.


Projects Living Lab is working on or has worked on: 

Horizon 2020: Textile&Clothing Business Labs,
Interreg Med: CreativeWEAR