MADONIE Living Lab


Dr. Elizabeth Parisi eparisi@easyint.itphone nr.+39 091 6615611


MADONIE LIVING LAB has specialized and expanded previous experiences, piloted in the territory under EU funded projects, within the process of implementing the National Strategy for Internal Areas (SNAI). The SNAI has been promoted by the Italian Government and it is the national framework for the inner areas of the EU cohesion policies and it is driving the ERDF actions in these territories. Madonie area has been selected as one of the priority targets after an evaluation process of the maturity level and the regeneration potential.

The local community chose to address in a systemic way the issues relating to mobility services, school and health, with the view of a sustainable and inclusive growth, and to optimize the integration of the ordinary development policies for citizens services, supported by national funds, with extraordinary actions, supported by EU structural funds.

Madonie is now going to use the MADONIE LIVING LAB as a general methodological framework leverage to further facilitate the process of participatory planning and to experiment and consolidate the involvement of citizens, administrators and local companies in co-design of platforms and services connected to their prior challenges


Expertise of the Living Lab

The host organisation is a dynamic IT company that has co-founded the University business incubator in Palermo (ARCA) in a public-private partnership. It collaborates with SO.SVI.MA., the local development agency with a long lasting experience in sustainable development policies for the inner areas, community and stakeholders engagement. They share competences and interests on the technological and business side with commitment on social innovation and local development issues.


Thematic area

Rural development



We are interested into best practice exchanges, experts and staff secondments, methodological upgrades in order to empower smart&green rural communities, performing joint projects.

MADONIE LIVING LAB acts as a territorial innovation hub, interconnecting the pillars of the local sustainable development strategy in the rural area of Madonie (renewable energy, overall landscape protection, eco-agriculture and sustainable tourism promotion), through an appropriate and collaborative solution generation process.

It supports the strategic development of the Madonie territory through four steps:

1. vision at the political and administrative level and participation, maximising local value creation, raising awareness of the administrators, empowering the communities;

2. knowledge and design thinking through the analysis of data in different sectors,promotion of idea-generation initiatives;

3. implementation of pilots and demos involving users and citizens by the demonstration of appropriate technologies in relevant, open environments; and management models



The Living Lab is hosted at EXMA, a refurbished building which has been made available by the municipal authorities for the creative community of innovators, and is connected with the FabLab@schools local network. It offers to the resident young people the chance of entrepreneurial discovery of possible solutions for the community challenges in the prioritized fields of interest. At the same time MADONIE LIVING LAB is attracting experienced professionals and researchers from urban areas, that would invest their time and competence in a “slow life” context.

The host organisation has experienced the development and application of IT tools and processes supporting participative behaviour and active citizenship and democracy to develop urban and rural sustainable systems from the economic, social, governance and environmental side, where technologies have acted as enabling forces