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The “Clinical RisK management and Health Technology (CRIKHET)” Living Lab aims at implementing, in public and private health facilities, a new methodological and technological approach based on ICT and mobile applications in order to improve the quality of health services. The approach, that is based on a highly flexible framework centred on Business Process Management and Business Intelligence systems, is used to define, integrate, coordinate, support, and monitor the clinical pathways.

The objective is to enhance the adoption of ICT solutions that allows for the coordination of the monitoring and follow-up actions of the health care team and for the proper satisfaction of the patient needs through the creation of a direct communication channel between the patient and the team and a health care service organized around the patient’s case.

The CRIKHET Living Lab promotes a living lab approach in the healthcare sector through the co-creation and experimentation of ICT innovative solutions and services for the integration of hospital and domiciliary healthcare processes around the patient needs (aim of the ICPs). It gives a tool to health professionals, allowing them to propose appropriate care solutions to patients with the aim of human-centric open innovation.

The Living Lab includes a unique network of actors ranging from:

  • IT companies, which provide and develop IT solutions;
  • health regional administrations, in particular the Apulian Regional Healthcare Agency (ARES);
  • to health professionals operating in local health districts, which contribute to the design and development of new solutions/services;
  • research centres which lead surveys and experimentation analysis, contribute to dissemination activities and to the identification of LL best practices.

The aim of the CRIKHET LL is to foster the adoption of the CRIKHET framework that is a mix of Business Process Management (BPM) approaches, IT solutions and technological choices.

References and Track Record

The CRIKHET Living Lab is born from the experience of the CRIKHET project that involves the participation of IT network companies (Openwork, Insoft2000, Links MT, Sincon) and research centres (DHITECH and Polytechnic University of Bari).

The activities are carried out in collaboration with AReS (Regional Healthcare Agency), ASL (Local Healthcare Agency) of Brindisi and BT (Barletta-Andria-Trani), the oncology clinic of  "Giuseppe Moscati" Hospital in Taranto, the “IRCCS Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza” Hospital in San Giovanni Rotondo and the “Ospedale Bambino Gesù” in Roma.

The LL started in June 2013 by involving and addressing to a complex and heterogeneous ecosystem composed of institutions, physicians, IT developers, opinion leader and patients. They have collaborated in the development of solutions for home mechanical ventilation (HMV) and cancer treatments in order to capture and face significant events, ensure compliance, monitor clinical risks, with the objective of controlling costs while providing the adequate quality to the patient.

The objective of CRIKHET Living Lab is to demonstrate the appropriateness of IT solutions and technological choices in healthcare services provided in hospitals and social districts.